Australia’s Wu Lin Retreat at: is where my gong fu uncle, James Sumarac bases our Ling Yun Pai system’s Chen Pan Ling lineage school under the direction of Grandmaster Chen Yun Ching of Taiwan. See also:

Sister USA schools include: Rochester Tai Chi Chuan Center in Rochester, NY:, Addis Kung Fu in Miami, FL:, Terry Price’s school in Chesapeake, VA:, Hal Moser school at:, John Scott’s school in Frederick, MD:, Dan Djurdjevic’s school in Australia is at:

Carlos Aguilar’s New Orleans Kung Fu Academy at: is affiliated through Master Y. W. Chang’s close association with Shifu Aguilar.

Yang Family taijiquan is best represented by my gong fu brother, Michael Gilman at: He and I are among only 37 certified Yang Famiy taiji teachers, most of whom are in the United States. Gerda ‘Pytt’ Geddes’ student’s teach in the United Kingdom and can be found at: Jeri McCutcheon is at: The direct lineage with Master Yang can be found at:

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