• Relate elemental knowledge of syllabus and school manual
  • Exhibit proficiency in basic stances (bah shi)
  • Show working knowledge of both internal and external concepts
  • Memorize simple, complex, and compound movement phrases and forms
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of push hands (tui shou) and giant roll back (da lu) with a partner
  • Play lion dance music

  • Show familiarity with a greater number of forms
  • Cultivate spiraling energy (chansigong), amplify qi and compile jin (nei gong)
  • Demonstrate proper breathing techniques in conjunction with applications
  • Issue (fa) jin energies
  • Demonstrate increased focus upon transitions between postures, especially in internal forms (nei jia)
  • Exhibit proficiency with at least three of these weapons: staff, stick, fan, spear, broad or straight sword
  • Adjust alignment and neutralize a partner using the Eight Gates (ba men) in push hands (tui shou/da lu)
  • Perform lion dance


  • Visualize and appropriate pre- and post-heaven patterns (Ba Gua) and the Lo River Map of the Yi Jing
  • Relate functions of nature to ever increasing efficiency of techniques
  • Demonstrate how the mind intent (I) and focused jin energies initiate movements from your core
  • Show how partner work is an ongoing practice of relating to other styles and traditions of gong fu
  • Exhibit proficiency with at least four of these weapons: staff, stick, fan, broad or straight sword, spear
  • Neutralize a partner using all eight gates (ba men) in push hands (tui shou and da lu)
  • Meet syllabus standards in san shou sparring
  • Lead lion dance team

A Level Review by the laoshr is an option at every Tuesday class.
Semi-annual reviews are recommended.


  • Instruct in traditional wushu for a). health, b). sport. & c). self defense
  • Network Wujixiaoyaopai and Lingyunpai affiliations regionally and world wide
  • Promote qigong, internal and external gong fu and Chinese philosophy through a graduated program
  • Link athletes & teachers through workshops, the internet, & publications
  • Secure grants to assist underwriting a variety of corporate, agency, civic venues and performances
  • Sanction scholarships & certify advanced level shifu


  • Live life with truth and righteousness
  • Respect the instructors and traditions of gong fu with martial ethics (wudi)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in syllabi objectives
  • Assist the teacher instructing classes and registering students
  • Teach and promote CWA and Long Shan (Mountain Dragon) School and Carolina Association of Chinese Martial Artists (CACMA) goals and objectives
  • Judge in national and/or international tournament event

A belt is not an indication of rank in most Chinese systems. A belt or sash is tightly worn around the waist when issueing power (fa). It holds the stomach and intestines in place. A black sash represents the highest level of practice.

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