is a Yang Family fifth generation certified instructor through the Choy Kam Man Academy, San Francisco, and first generation Lingyunpai certified instructor through Chen Pan-ling’s International Martial Arts Foundation of PRC, and 4th degree black sash student of Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu in the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association.”
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is certified through the Long Shan (Mountain Dragon) School as Lead Instructor and is a gold metal winning nationally ranked internal stylist of 42, Sun, Yang, Chen Pan-Ling taiji, xing yi, and baguaquan and most recently, Liuhebafa (Water Boxing) under the tutelage of Wu Wen-ching. He now teaches in Asheville, North Carolina.


is certified through the Long Shan (Mountain Dragon) School as a Yang Family style instructor teaching in Asheville. She teaches Sun style taiji, learned taiji fan from Helen Wu and practices broadsword as well.

Taiji Fan & Double Fans


trained in Korean Karate in his youth and now excels in lion dancing. He is an assistant instructor of youth and children.


is certified as a Yang Family Style Short form instructor. Her Pittsburgh school is at:

Below is an exhaustive list of Shifu Small’s teachers and their focus areas. He receives on-going instruction in all areas listed below primarily from two eminent Masters:

Grandmaster Liang Shou-yu of Vancouver, CanadaWushu/San Shou, Nei Jia

Master Chen Yun-ching, (Chen Pan-ling’s son) of TaiwanNei Jia/Shaolin

Posthumously recognized past teachers and instructors:

Master Choy Kam-Man of San Francisco – Yang Family Taijiquan
Colonel Y.W. Chang – Mentor and advisor, Chen Pan-ling Taijiquan
Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng – Shuaijiao
Master Jou Tsung Hwa – Qigong & Taijiquan
Madam Wang JuRong – Sword & San Shou

Additional private and workshop instruction from:

Shifus, Ben Lo, Abraham Lu, William C. C. Chen, Peter Ralston, Sam Masich, George Xu, Alan Ludmer- Push Hands
Shifu, Michael Gilman, Instructors Christopher Pai & Iabesha Pentagram – Yang Family Taijiquan
Shifu Kai Sung of Taiwan, Shifu in the lineage of Du Chang – Chen Pan-ling Taijiquan
Madam Wang JuRong, Dr. Jay Dunbar and Kathleen Cusick – Yang Family San Shou
Shifu, Yang Yang – Chen Taijiquan, Chan Sigong, Tui Shou & Da Lu
Instructor, Felix Jhi- Shaolin & Traditional Changquan Gung Fu
Shifu, Johnny Wong – Wu Taijiquan & Hok Song Lion Dancing
Dr. Yang Jwing Ming & Master Huang, Chien Liang – Qin Na
Madam Wong Ju Rong & Shifu, Nick Gracenin – Swords
Master Henry Look & Shifu Randy Sugawara – I Quan
Shifu, Daniel Weng & Shifu John Wang – Shuaijaio
Shifu, Wei-Lun Huang – Yang Taijiquan
Shifu Adam Hsu – Piquan and Bajiquan
Shifu, Shaoming Cheng – Baguaquan
Master Chan Pui – Double Daggers & Tiger Fork
Shifu, Jose Johnson – Sun Taijiquan
Shifu, Jeff Bolt – Qigong & Staff
Shifu, Alex Kwok – Mizongquan
Master Wu Wen-Ching – Nei Jia
Shifu, Johnny Lee – Taijiquan
Shifu Chris Luth – Taijiquan
Shifu Grace Wu – Bajiquan

School motto:

Practice and Perseverance, All Else Is Delusion

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