Chen Yun Ching

Chen Pan Ling was a civil engineer overseeing the flow of the Yangste river and the first to return to the Chen Village to research the origins of taijiquan. (See lineage section). He based his taiji upon the Old Yang style and internal influences found throughout mainland China. He was a government representative responsible for cataloguing internal arts practices during the Sino-Japanese war. This form is sometimes called the “Nanjing 99” (since the form has 99 movements and was formulated at the Nanjing Institute in 1941). In the early days of Taiwan’s founding CPL was repeatedly elected to represent the classical practices of taiji, nei jing and Dao In.

CPL’s son, Chen Yun Ching carries on his father’s classical martial arts traditions in his Ling Yun Pai association –into which Shifu Mark was inducted as an indoor student in 2011.

CPL style characteristics:

1.   Coiling energy (chansijin) through central equilibrium (zhong ding) between postures.

2.   Natural breathing.

3.   Evasive foot work as in Bagua’s arc stepping and Xing-yi’s follow up step.

4.  Rooting into your inner thigh and opened hip kua while stretching out your back leg.

5.  Vigorous kicks and strikes (fa jin).

6.  An open tile-like palm with fingers erect, first finger prominent and spaced away from opposing your thumb.

7.  Circular movements linking your six major joints (liu he) through your extended and bowed arms with medium sized frame or stances.

8. Firming your back and hollow your chest while inclining your torso slightly forward in your sit stance.

Master Chen Yun Ching with pointers in Taiwan training session

Master Chen Yun Ching with pointers in Taiwan training session

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